Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, ‘Tax laws to be reviewed’ the promise of significant sensations, and then emerges on the new regulations. The latter is related to the purchase and sale of real estate.

Accordingly, the purchase-sale tax exemption for 5 years is currently being planned abolition of the requirement. Reputation of the news before the official release of the Ministry of Finance did not notice.

Proposed amendment is accepted, the earnings of citizens from buying the house sells almost all of the first year, a certain part of the next years as the stage will be subject to tax. 10 percent of the earnings will be taxable period exceeds 10 years.

Income Tax Ministry is working on a new study, home and other real estate sales so far planned abolition of the 5-year time-limit is expressed.

Currently, house, shop, do not pay taxes when they screw arsasını 5 years, those who hold them. 5 years before the sale is made the entire difference between the buying and selling is taxable. Of the tax called the ‘capital appreciation’. But for example, tax-exempt amount for 2011 is 8 thousand pounds. Subject to income tax on the gain of 8 thousand lira.

10 YEARS OVER 10 per cent

The new arrangement to remove the limit of 5 years, home values ​​will be sold as a gradual increase in taxation on the earnings of thought being expressed. Study prepared in accordance with information received from the disposal of the first year after the purchase of real estate in almost all the amount of the difference between the purchase and sale price will be taxable. If the sale of 80 percent in the second year, third year 60 percent, 40 percent in the fourth year, 20 percent of the fifth year will be taxable.

According to the newspaper article based on the sources, obtained 10 years after being sold the idea of ​​taking the real estate taxes for the earnings amounted to 10 percent prevail.


In this case, large amounts of 50-60 years made up of houses, purchase and sale amounts of the tax base will be large. But the ‘increase in value when calculating the inflation tax base kazaçları’nda düşülüp difference, the difference is taxed. For example, the present value of the house 20 years ago, 10 thousand pounds from 200 thousand to 190 thousand pounds, not in the intervening 20 years the difference remaining after deducting the amount of inflation is considered.

Inflation in 20 years the value of the house between 10 thousand pounds and had 100 thousand pounds of 100 thousand pounds to be taken into account. 10 percent of the 100 thousand lira will be treated as the tax base of 10 thousand pounds. 8 thousand pounds tax-free for the tax to be paid 2 thousand lira. Thus, up to now in the hands of real estate holding less than 5 years less than those who declare the full amount of income derived by this Agreement, will pay less tax. However, holding the hands of more than 5 years even if no tax is low for borrowing now will have to pay tax.

EVE patrimony NO TAX

Capital appreciation with income tax return each year is the end of March. If a person conceals the earnings penalty tax under the laws of a floor and are forced to pay legal interest. On the other hand, if the citizens inherit this house sold in a separate case for not taxing the regulation of expression is being done. Thus, the father will not pay any tax from the citizens who sold his house. Tax will be limited to selling only take home.

Ministry of Finance warned

After the news in the media description of the Ministry of Finance has made the issue a warning about.

Ministry of Finance, including the New Income Tax Law studies, yet even been turned into a draft of work, and reflecting the truth of the news media, reputation should not be coming to an official statement from the authorities said.

To Parliament in 2012, FIRST QUARTER THE FUTURE

Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, the income tax reform in front of them in the first quarter of 2012 is one of the most important agenda item in the Assembly said it was sending the hope.

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